Monday, January 14, 2013

Wednesday Morning Snow--Yes!

The computer models have perked things up with a little good news ahead of the cold fronts set to slide into our area toward the end of the week.

The forecast for the next 60 hours is for a snow event hit us Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. This fast-moving weathermaker will bring more snow to southern Berkshire County and lesser amounts to the north.One model has the snow reaching up to I90 and another has the storm pushing further north into southern Vermont. Despite the warm temps today and tomorrow, it will be cold enough throughout the Berkshires for all snow.

If we were betting men and women--which we most assuredly are--we wouldn't be surprised to see 2-4" by the time the storm pulls out of the region late Wednesday morning. That's admittedly an aggressive early call on this small storm, but that's what our study of the weather picture is revealing to us at the home office right now.

The timing of this storm is perfect, so we'll start with a 20% chance of a delay for Wednesday.

We don't think they'll be enough snow for advisories or for it to earn the name Coco. But one never knows, do one.

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