Friday, January 4, 2013

Stormy Pattern to Return Next Week

Greetings from the home office of GSD! Despite the cold, plodding start to the weather year, things are  trending in the right direction for messy weather on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Snow showers and more seasonable temps will dominate the weekend weather picture. We'll see upper 20s on Saturday and mid 30s on Sunday. A clipper system comes through northern New England Saturday night so there is a chance of a dusting into Sunday morning.

The forecast models are not calling for a major winter storm next week, but there is a disturbance heading our way. The problem may be the track, which would take the storm to our west and eventually northwest. We do not want to be on the eastern side of any storms as the east side is often the warm side. So...the best case scenario right now would be for mixed precipitation for Thursday morning. A delay scenario would be the optimal outcome.

As far as the long range forecast goes, bitter cold is lurking out there, up there in Canada. The good folks at Accuweather see that bitter cold dropping down into the US late in the second week and in the third week of January. A deep freeze doesn't necessarily mean storms, but it certainly lays the groundwork for snow.

Courtesy of Accuweather
Final interesting weather fact: 67% of the US was covered with snow on January 1, which set a new record. Wow.

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