Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday Storm: The Latest

At the nonce, Friday's storm is offering up a big whopping batch of uncertainty. The timing, the track, the amount--the only thing certain is that it will be snow and nothing but snow.

Most Worst Case Scenario:

The storm's a bust. We get some light snow but the bulk of the storm slides out to sea and does not get a chance to re-form and gain energy/moisture on the coast.

Least Worst Case Scenario:

The storm develops but it starts in the afternoon on Friday. Two low pressure systems from the west combine off the coast of New England to make a combined low that drops at least half a foot on the Berkshires...but by Saturday morning.

Best Case Scenario:

Somehow the storms accelerate and the "Least Worst Case Scenario" happens about 12 hours earlier than is currently projected.

Another near miss?

We'll remain optimistic, but the track of the storm has a lot to do with how far south the cold air pushes the low pressure systems that are coming in from the west. That's why there is a chance for very little snow and a chance for a foot (or more). The behavior of yesterday's storm for Boston and coastal Maine--a bust--should not inspire too much confidence because the scenarios are eerily similar.

But you never know...which is why the GSD Office will be open 24-7 until then.

Also, don't forget to vote for the next storm's name. Voting closes this Thursday, hopefully in time for us to use the results right away.

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