Thursday, March 1, 2012

Storm 3.1.12: Some Final Analysis...

Quite the turn of events over the last 24 hours! That certainly was fun. Unfortunately, that may be the last bit of weather entertainment for the winter of 2011-12. Before yesterday and today, we were in the running for 2nd place on the all-time least snowy winters since they started keeping records in 1884. Should we get no more snow the rest of the way, 2011-12 will still be in the top 10 of snow-less winters.

Light snow should continue for the next few hours. We may have a few more bands of moderate snow to give us another inch or two but that will be it. The evening commute will be a-okay.

We didn't exactly hit the nail on the head with this storm, but at least GSD kept expectations low. Better that than the other way around. We're going to chalk this one as a half right prediction.

Given the relatively clean state of the roads as of 9:30 am, we probably could have gotten away with a delay today.

Thanks for following. We don't foresee any major snow events over the next few weeks, but our eyes are always open at GSD.

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