Thursday, March 1, 2012

Storm 3.1.12: Early AM Report

[UPDATES Below....]

The snow is coming down at a moderate pace in the Northern Berkshires, and the radar looks very good with several hours of snow--some bands heavy at times--out to the west and moving east. On the computer screen, this looks like a no-brainer: people shouldn't be driving in this weather.

Schools near the Berkshires (and in the Berkshires) that have called off school already? New Lebanon, NY; Brunswick, NY; Savoy; Central Berkshire.

We still think this is all or nothing--snow day or school and we're leaning toward snow day, especially given this special weather statement from NWS, which was posted at 3:41 am.

5:16 am: Many big Albany schools are closed--another good sign. Savoy and Central Berk have boldly led the way for cancellations so far.

5:18 am: Not sure what it means when "School's Out, Inc." in Albany is closed but that HAS to be a good sign.

5:24 am: Adams-Cheshire is in the house! When the Hurricanes shut it down, that's a very good sign.

5:30 am: Bennington and Stamford have joined the "School is Closed" party. 

5:32 am: North Adams, Hancock, and Pine Cobble have joined the fray. 

5:35 am: BART's table has been reserved at the All You Can Eat No School Buffet. 

5:38 am: So Berkshire, Lenox, Mount Greylock & McCann have finally and mercifully given in to peer pressure. Still waiting on Pittsfield and Lee. 

5:43 am: Robocall threw us off for a second there...please put your hands together for Pittsfield, who have joined us. Still no word on Lee.

5:47 am: Lee's in, and we're pretty sure that's it for Berkshire County. Well done, Supers and Heads of School!

5:54 am: Somehow missed Berkshire Hills there in all the excitement--they're in and that, we think, is a clean sweep for Berkshire County. Enjoy the day off.

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