Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome Back to School

It goes without saying that the start of school also marks the start of the end of school countdown. "We get out on June 12th this year," someone says in the hallways, "that is, if we have no snow days." So, by extension, the beginning of school really marks the snow day alert season, even if it is still summer and the temps are in the mid 80s.

This year it looks like a flood day is more than likely to occur before we get a snow day, so we'll do our best to keep you updated if the wet weather persists. Otherwise, it's all systems go for GSD this year, and we can't wait for the flakes to start flying so we can get back to work. The long-range forecast is nothing to complain about so we should have another fun and exciting winter season ahead.

In the meantime, stop by at GSD Selects to check the latest in pop culture.

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