Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8.28: Irene Coming to Town?

It seems just a smidge silly to be getting all worked up about hurricane given the location of the GSD-following area, but duty calls. It feels a lot like getting excited about an East Coast earthquake, which one GSD Staffer thought was the cleaning staff really working over a vacuum in the GSD front lobby. Regardless, even though our expertise is the nor'easter, we do dabble in hurricanes.

Do you remember Hurricane Floyd in 1999? That's right don't because its impact on the Berkshires was negligible. As exciting as both a hurricane and an earthquake in the same week would be (locusts are arriving on Wednesday--we just know them as students! ba-dum-dum!--be here all week!), don't expect much as this storm starts to push eastward. We've checked with our usual gang of experts, and we are likely to see some rain on Sunday with a few strong breezes. In snow terms, we talking 4-5 inches not the 12+ inch variety of storm. And really, that's just fine with us as it still is summer vacation.

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We'll keep an eye on it but right now we think Irene will head out of the area faster on Sunday and more to the east.


  1. Storm is shifting west. Any rain fall/wind speed predictions?
    Between the tornado, earthquake and potential hurricane, this is beginning to have the makings of a great sci-fi flick like "The After Tomorrow" or "2012." Let's hope the GSD staff is earnestly looking into a connection between all these phenomena and will keep us posted.