Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chance of a Delay for 4.4

Even though Friday's huge miss by all weather folks could have been the symbolic Death of Winter for 2010-11, GSD would be remiss if we did not report that there is an outside shot at a delay for Monday April 4th.

The storm will come in from the west and should start around 2 am. It will start as snow, and the Northern Berkshires could get three inches of snow. The problem with these early springs snows is that often the roads are too warm to allow the snow to accumulate. What is likely to occur is that we'll have 2 inches on grassy surfaces but not much to get excited about on the roads.

The snow will change to rain in the morning, so there is no chance of a snow day. As long as there's snow, GSD is committed to keeping you in the know.

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  1. any good news?.... any updates for tuesday??? its supposed to snow at night on monday onto tuesday which creates chances for a delay but not a snow day cause around 7 i guess it's supposed to turn to rain