Friday, April 1, 2011

The Big Snow Job 4.1

It's snowing and it will continue to snow throughout the morning, but the intensity of this storm just isn't what it was cracked up to be. There was a definite note of compunction in the NOAA discussion this morning as the forecasters feel the models let them down, which let the public down.

There's an outside shot at a snow day because the Warning is still in place and because of the potential for 5-9" of snow. Unfortunately, if you look at the radar, you'll see that there's plenty of moisture to our south but it's not very intense.

So, do we just bite the bullet for a Friday and know that we won't have to tack on an extra day in June? That's what the GSD staff is thinking. A storm may be forming for Tuesday, but after this debacle, we definitely shouldn't get too excited.


  1. So since you blew this call how does it factor into your percentage? I see you went from 75 to 25%. Isn't it too late to be changing your likelihood of snow day? You should have to lock in the night before!

  2. People, it's SPRING! Do you really want more snow?

  3. In the words of Winston Churchill:

    Never, never, never, never trust a weatherman.