Saturday, November 9, 2019

Light Snow Possibility for Tuesday

If we were one of those shameless weather media outlets that tries to drive up web traffic, we would tell you to brace for the worst, get the snow tires on, and find those high snow boots because the first big snow storm of the season is about to unleash its fury on the Berkshires.

But we're not like them.

We do have a storm on the horizon for Monday night into Tuesday morning. Initially, the models were forecasting a classic I-95 coastal storm (read: 6-10 inches for us). Unfortunately, the latest models have the center of the storm pushing inland and northward, which means higher temps and less snow for Western Mass.

There is a puncher's chance that there will be enough messiness on the roads on Tuesday in the northern half of the Berkshires to necessitate our first delays of the season. Based on the models we're seeing, Adams-Cheshire, Florida and Clarksburg would be the more likely candidates for delays on Tuesday, but delays there are by no means a lock.

The best feature of this storm is the timing. Snow should be coming down during the morning commute, especially north of Pittsfield.

Close but no cigar, for now.
If you're really desperate for that first delay or snow day, then you need to use all your mental energy to will the track of the storm southward. If the storm center does shift 100 miles toward the coast, then we could be in for a more moderate snowfall.

After Tuesday's storm, brace for very cold temps for November. We could see single digits on Wednesday night!

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