Monday, February 25, 2019

Wild Winds; Snow for Wednesday/Thursday

[UPDATED Delay list below.]

What a windstorm! Gusty winds all day long have knocked down many branches and trees, and many areas either experienced or are experiencing power outages. Electric company crews have spotted all over Berkshire County getting folks back on the grid. A gust over 60 mph was recorded at the Albany airport, and--get this--the wind speed hit 162 mph on the top of Mount Washington.

Winds will eventually die down tonight. We also may see a stray snow shower or two from the lake effects snows across New York state. It's certainly possible a school or two (in addition to Gabriel Abbott) could delay or cancel tomorrow due to a prolonged power outage.

We have some better news about the midweek snow event. The predicted amount of precipitation is supposed to be a little higher, so we may see 2-5 inches. If we're on the high side of that prediction, we'll definitely see delays on Thursday. It's only an Alberta Clipper, and they typically never have much moisture to work with and usually don't last that long, but as of today it's trending in a better direction.

Lastly, we are hearing rumblings about a big one for later next week (Thursday?). The Euro model is showing a coastal storm with at least a foot of snow for the Berkshires. Keep that on the down-low, though, as we don't want to ramp up the hype machine just yet.

We'll post a report in the morning if any schools call in. Also, you'll need the heavy winter coat tomorrow. The high might hit 20 and the leftover winds will make it seem much colder than that.


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