Sunday, January 27, 2019

Active Week Ahead: Snow and Cold

This week will be a lively one with snow and a deep drop in temperatures expected to descend upon the Berkshires.

Tuesday will be the snowiest day of the week. The timing and the predicted snowfall totals do not appear to be conducive to school closings, but we are holding out hope that the length of the school day will be impacted in some way, shape or form. Light snow should begin falling in the morning on Tuesday, and then heavier snow comes down later in the afternoon and early evening. We're not talking about a lot of snow here--unless the storm gains more strength as it deepens off the coast.

If we're on the low side, will see 2-4 inches; if it strengthens we'll see 6-8 inches, especially north of Pittsfield. Still, the timing is not ideal and road crews would have ample time to clear up the highways and byways by Wednesday morning. We might see a few delays on Wednesday but that's about the size of it. What's more likely to happen is after school activities will be cancelled for Tuesday.

Image courtesy of Accuweather.
Right after the Tuesday storm, we'll be in wait-and-see mode on Thursday morning for Freeze Delays. Brutally cold air will overspread the Berkshires on Wednesday night, and we'll be well below zero for the Thursday commute. Conditions will be very similar to our most recent Freeze Delay (last Tuesday) so, logically, we should see many delays.

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