Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Overnight Snow for October 29?

Snow season may officially begin tonight (Tuesday) as showers of the white variety may fall in the Berkshires in the overnight hours. It's certainly cold enough to snow, and the only question is whether or not the moisture coming from the northwest will penetrate the cold air over our region.

At the moment, we're not optimistic that we'll see any snow flakes tonight, let alone a covering on the ground by the morning commute. While it certainly is possible that you could wake up to big, wet flakes, the roads will be too warm for any accumulation.

Temps will warm up toward the weekend as we'll see a fairly large rain storm move into our region for Thursday night and Friday morning. The big concerns with this storm: Will it impact the annual candy gathering on Thursday? Will it impact a potential game 7 of the World Series on Thursday? Will it postpone any high school playoff contests on Friday? The storm gods must be smiling upon us because we think the answer to all three questions is "no." The storm should arrive in Western Massachusetts well after children should be in bed, and it will get to Boston a few hours after the end of a potential game 7. Also, the storm will move out of the Berkshires quickly enough on Friday to allow games to be played in the afternoon and evening.

As for next week, it looks like we'll be in the mid-50s during the day and in the 30s at night. There may be more wet weather mid- to late week. No need to hold your breath about snow. Despite the Farmer's Almanac prediction about a snow storm the week of November 5th, we just don't think that scenario in the cards. Once again, we don't think the front half of the winter season is going to be very stormy; we are, however, optimistic about our winter weather pattern after the New Year.

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