Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11.22: Glazed Turkey?

The NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for our area this evening because of the threat of freezing rain in the overnight hours tonight. There's no need to worry about downed power lines or glazed over trees as the freezing rain accumulation will be very light if it happens at all for the Berkshires.

Minor travel disruptions could occur, and the roads tomorrow shouldn't be too bad as long as you're heading west, east, or south and stick to the main thoroughfares. If you're heading north, things could get dicey once you get past Manchester, VT. Many locales in the Adirondacks have Winter Storm Warnings for this evening and into tomorrow.

As far as long term threats go--we have our eye on a storm for the middle of next week and one possibly on Saturday, December 3rd. The Wednesday storm could be an ice event, and the jury's still out for the weekend weather-maker.

May you all get your eat on on Thursday, and we'll update next week's storms over the weekend.

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