Friday, October 28, 2011

Storm 10.29.11: Warning Posted--Snow Totals Revised

On the twenty year anniversary of "The Perfect Storm," it looks like we're in for a major snow event for Saturday into Saturday night.

From Bob Kovachick and crew
 The GSD staff still thinks we'll be on the low end of the snowfall totals--6-7 inches--but that will be more than enough to coat roads, pull down branches, and cause power outages. The other factor is the wind will kick up, knocking the snow off leaf-covered trees but also upping the chance of interruption of your electricity service.

Precip will likely fall mid-morning. It will likely start out as a heavy mist or light rain, but then it will turn over to snow within a few hours. Most events after noon should be cancelled tomorrow--take that into account as you plan your day. If we make it to the high end of the storm--12 inches--then many events on Sunday will have to be called off.

If anything significant changes, we'll keep you posted.

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