Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Third Time's The Charm?

So here we are again--another major coastal storm looms in the distance for the third weekend in a row. Will this be the one that finally stays close to the coast and gives us enough fluffy white stuff to get us through the New Year?

Your weather scenarios for Christmas weekend (image courtesy of the Weather Channel)
(GSD has noted a trend over the last fifty years that the winter storm pattern typically presents coastal storms in threes, all about a week apart. Why this is, we have no idea. We'll dedicate a future posting to this phenomenon at some point. Unfortunately, this trend also means that we're at the end of the cycle and headed for a major lull in storm activity for the first part of January. For the sake of school children everywhere, we hope we're not right.)

GSD doesn't relish playing the role of the Grinch, but we see no reason (at this point) to believe that this storm is any different from the last two. Our initial projection is that storm #3 will roll on by just south of us and give us a few flakes but not the major snow event we'd all like to see. Of course, we'll hold out hope for a better outcome, but that goes without saying.

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