Tuesday, February 27, 2024

High Winds & Dropping Temperature

We hope everyone who was off last week had a restful and rejuvenating week.

The weather has turned downright spring-like, but we are in for a big change in the next 48 hours. Temps will still be unseasonably warm on Wednesday despite rain moving into our area this evening. Rain will come down heavy at times, but the big newsmaker for this storm will be the wind. We have a High Wind Watch in effect with gusts expected to get into the 50 MPH range.

It's possible that we could see delays on Thursday due to power outages and/or slick roads. As the rain comes to end Wednesday night, temps will plummet and we could see a brief period of snow. The temperature will drop over 30 degrees in 12 hours. At the time of the morning commute, temps will be in the low 20s and the wind will be howling.

Click bait alert, as this map is misleading. This is the "high end" potential for snow (1 in 10 chance) according to NWS Albany. If this happens, delays are definite and some schools would go with snow days.

Our infrastructure is fairly sturdy in this part of the country, so delays due to power outages are not likely but possible. And a few cautious Superintendents may decide to delay the start of school if snow, black ice and/or icy roads due to a flash freeze become an issue.

With temps back up into the 40s on Friday (and higher for the weekend), we do not currently see any chances for snow days. But there's still some winter left and we're not closing shop any time soon.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Delays and Closings for Friday, February 16

Lake effect snow is moving through the county at the moment. It should taper off soon, as will the wind, which is very srong this morning.

We do have a few closings to report. 

CLOSED (last updated at 6:06 AM):

Emma Miller

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Friday Delays Possible for North County

Winter is in its stretch drive, which means we do not have too many more cracks at delays, snow days, and releases.

But Friday presents a slim opportunity for two-hour delays for some districts in northern Berkshire County. The Alberta Clipper is on our doorstep--snow should start/have started by 6 PM--and it is expect to drop a max of 5 inches of snow.

NWS Albany forecast.

The higher elevations will get the higher amounts of snow. Clarksburg, Florida, Savoy, New Ashford, Lanesboro all appear to be in line for 3-4 inches with only 1-2 inches in other southern locations. Unfortunately, it looks as if the snow will end between 3 and 4 AM, which should give road crews the chance to clear roads in time for the early bus runs.

We wish these end times were later.

Mount Greylock, Hoosac Valley, North Adams, Hancock, and the mountain elementary schools have a higher chance. Pittsfield, Central Berkshires, and Richmond could also eke out a delay. But it is more likely that all these students will have a full day of school rather than a delay. As we stated yesterday, the high winds associated with this storm will produce significant blowing and drifting of snow, which could prolong the clean-up time and raise chances for delays.

We do have one Friday cancellation to report: BART will be closed tomorrow.

We'll run a list bright and early tomorrow if any Superintendents decide to go with a delayed opening.