Monday, April 18, 2022

The (Possible) Last Go-Around for 2021-22 -- Winter Weather Advisory for Tuesday, April 19th

Yes, it's April vacation for most readers of these posts, but it's our meteorological responsibility to chime in on the potential for measurable snow this evening into Tuesday.

Yes, a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for this evening and the early part of Tuesday for northern Berkshire County. Despite the mid-50s and sun we have enjoyed today, the approaching rain/snow from the southwest will drop our temperatures into the 30s tonight. That means wet snow for most of the county late tonight and into tomorrow.

Wet snow could accumulate in the valleys, but it will likely only coat the grass (1-2"). Some slush could show up on the roads, making for a slower commute for workers on Tuesday. But higher elevation towns (over 1500 feet) could see close to half a foot. Typically, the northeast towns of Berkshire County see higher snow totals for these late season storms.

Say it ain't so, NWS Albany...

Given the unpredictability of spring snow storms, we are not expecting widespread travel issues for Tuesday morning, but a few folks will need extra time to clean off cars in the morning. If snow does accumulate on the roads, it will be a wet, slushy snow and a little easier to drive on, as long as temps stay above freezing (which they should).

After the period of wet snow, it will be wet on Tuesday but temps will moderate. We'll be back up in the high 50s and low 60s by the end of the week and relatively dry.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Snow Showers To Continue -- Delays Possible Monday (March 28)

It's going to look and feel like winter for a few days before a warm-up to more seasonable temperatures by the end of the week. Unfortunately, we're looking at another rain storm to close out March (Thursday into Friday morning).

Up here at the GSD Home Office in Williamstown, we've had snow showers on-again-off-again all day. (Sunday). Those snow showers will continue throughout afternoon, and they could intensify after midnight, creating accumulating snow.

Looks like our southern Vermont friends could even see snow days tomorrow.

It's a long, long shot, but there could be enough snow on the ground and in the streets to cause delays. There will be plenty of cold air in place for roads to get covered as most of us will see temps in the high teens Monday morning.

If the timing is just right and we get a particularly intense short period of snow, delays are possible. Higher elevation districts will once again have a better chance for the delay. They might see a repeat performance of Thursday up there in GAFEM country (that's Gabriel Abbott, Florida, and Emma Miller), and Hoosac Valley, Mount Greylock and Central Berkshire are also in the mix for delays.

Again, we want to stress that delays are not likely, nor will they be widespread. This is more of a wishful thinking event. But it would be a nice way to ease into the work week.

Whether some of us get a delay or not, Monday will be downright wintery. Highs in the 20s, windy, and occasional snow showers. Dress appropriately if you have practice outside after school.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Delays for Thursday, May 24

Rain, sleet, and wind at the Greylock Snow Day home office this morning. Off and on rain is expected throughout the day and then picking back up again later tonight. 

We do have a few delays to report (last update: 6:12 AM):


Emma Miller


Gabriel Abbott