Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Possible Delays For Thursday & Aftermath

March storms can really be something. Had this storm hit us, say, back in January, it would have given us a ton of snow and blowing and drifting of snow would have been issue. But it probably would have been a lot colder and the snow would not have stuck to the trees.

But the stickiness of the snow really proved to be problem. Thousands of people lost their power--some are still out--and having school today just wasn't doable because of all the downed trees and the extra time needed to dig out. It has been awhile since we've had back-to-back snow days for nearly every student in the County.

For final snow totals, check out this very unique interactive map from The Boston Globe

We may even see some delays tomorrow if schools can't get the power back on. Some schools near Berkshire County have snow days (Mohawk Trail) and delays (Stamford, VT), but we've seen nothing yet for Berkshire County. We don't there will be many delays, but it's not out of the question.

Things will quiet down for a stretch. We may see some rain on Friday, and there are some early signs for another potential storm on the weekend of the 25th. We're not going to get too excited about that one just yet.

Spring sports for high schools start on Monday!

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Closings and Delays For Wed. March 15

Upslope snows continue to add to the snow totals and winds are gusty. Light snow should continue for a few more hours and then we'll see a few flurries the rest of the day. The districts and schools below with an asterisk (*) got the upgrade from a delay to a snow day.

Last update: Wednesday, March 15 8:30 AM


*Berkshire Hills
*Berkshire Waldorf
Central Berkshire 
Emma L. Miller
Farmington River
Gabriel Abbott
*Mount Greylock RSD
North Adams
Pine Cobble
*Richmond Consolidated
*Southern Berkshire
Southwest Vermont SU [Remote day for teachers and staff. 👎]
Stamford, VT

TWO-HOUR DELAY (most schools will revisit this decision at 6 AM Wednesday):
Williams College (Admin Offices open at 10 AM; Children's Center open at 9:30 AM; profs will decide)

Nor'easter Day 2: Wednesday Scenarios

It looks like the models were correct--bite your tongue if you just said, "for a change"--and many folks are digging out of double-digit snowfalls.

Here at the elevationally-challenged GSD Home Office (only 700 feet) we only had 5 inches on the ground as of 2:00 PM, but other locations throughout the Berkshires are showing snow totals ranging from 8 to 12 in the valleys and 18-30 in the eastern hill towns. For regularly updated snow totals, check out this handy map.

Most meteorologists expect the snow to continue to fall throughout the Berkshires into Wednesday morning. It will taper down as we get toward daybreak, but we will be seeing upslope snow for the rest of the day and overnight. As the storm lifts away to our east, winds will shift to the north and east and create a swath of snow similar to a lake effect snow (but more of a mountain effect snow).

We should see between 2-6 more inches in most locations. And once you factor in the big wind gusts that we'll see later tonight and early tomorrow--which will only add to the widespread power outages we have had already--we definitely think there will be many delays and snow days on Wednesday.

If you live in the eastern half of the Berkshires and your school district services students who live above 1000' feet, then you have a 95% chance of a delay and a 50% chance for another snow day. We're talking about Adams-Cheshire, Emma Miller, Clarksburg, Central Berkshire, and Farmington River.

If you live on the west side or in the valleys, you have a 25% of a snow day and a 50% of a delay. 

A huge factor will be the quality of the snow. If the snow stays wet and sticky, there will be less blowing and drifting of snow, but if the snow dries out and becomes dustier, then blowing snow will re-cover roads that have just been plowed. The temps are supposed to drop to 27 or 28 tonight, which could be just enough of a temp decrease to create blowing snow.

We'll run a list of delays and snow days later today. Emma Miller in Savoy has already called off school for tomorrow.

And if you really want to lose your mind, it's possible we could see another significant coastal storm (i.e. nor'easter) around this time next week.